Blog posts on developments in theory and data analysis in neuroscience

There are a number of interesting blogs focusing on recent developments in theory and data analysis around the web (including the one from the Houston NeuroNex group). Here we can post them, comment, and discuss.


A nice overview of recent work by Pisupati, et al from Anne Chuchland’s lab. This was discussed by members of Jonathan Pillow’s lab who end the post with several questions, which the authors of the manuscript tackled here.

That’s a great idea. I will do my best to participate :slight_smile:

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Quick overview of Sutton & Barton’s excellent book on reinforcement learning.

Here is a thoughtful post by Surya Ganguli. This, to me, features some of the best of what a blog can be: it is hard to put some of these speculations in a paper, but here there are open for comments!

A nice from Anne Chuchland’s lab of Cortical Areas Interact through a Communication Subspace by João D. Semedo, Amin Zandvakili, Christian K. Machens, Byron M. Yu, and Adam Kohn. Writing of the post lwas led by Chaoqun Yin, a graduate student in the Churchland lab.

Mark Humphries on Why model the Brain? Also see the discussion on Twitter.

We recently discussed this paper by Y. Ahmadian and K. Miller in our journal club. Here is my review and some comments.

New post by N. Barendregt New (CU, Boulder) on a paper by Tajima, Drugowitsch, Patel, and Pougetwe recently discussed in our theory JC.

New post by Aadith Vittala reviewing this paper about unsupervised learning algorithms by Pehlevan and Chklovskii.